About Us

   Dream Financial Services, a company founded by Melinda Terry with over 14 years of experience in financial services throughout Atlanta, GA, surrounding areas and beyond. Dream Financial is a company which assists its clients in making important  financial decisions relating to business and personal finance, tax prep and deductions, literary and legal representation, favorable insurance referrals, housing and more. Having access to reliable resources are major when it comes to being financially established.

   Our main focus here at Dream Financial is to be that bridge between the gap of failure and success, we take pride in serving all communities with patience and understanding. We value each and every client with the utmost respect, our professional team is here for your financial needs and are looking forward to serving you


Credit Enhancement
Submitting information on your behalf to accredited bureaus in order to terminate inaccurate and/or negative information.
Employment Verification
Verifyng employment and background checks through a third-party vendor.
Payment Verification
Invoices, Verify payments and etc.
Legal Services
Notarizing, printing and faxing legal documents, constructing wills, lawyer representation, letters and etc.
Health Insurance
We will assist you by navigating the marketplace to find the best health care plan suitable for you.
Life Insurance
We will appoint you a reliable agent that will provide you a term policy that fits your lifestyle needs.
Housing and Apartment Assistance
Assit you with efficient documentation to better your options for reliable housing
Business Payroll
Payroll processing, Taxes, Direct deposit transactions and Tax withholding.

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